Maintenance and Precautions watches
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Because the watch is a precision timer, so wear and storage should pay attention to the following issues:
1, to avoid strong vibration, and drop / impact / friction.
2, avoid prolonged above 60 degrees or below -10 degrees in the environment.
3. Avoid operating the crown and the movement function button in the water to avoid water phenomenon.
4. Avoid contact with strong magnetic fields or on the environment, in order to avoid magnetization. Such as: radio, TV fine
5, the best place to put the watch can place desiccant, but avoid using moth balls, insect chemical agent.
6, water tables are not wearing any wash hot water bath, sauna or just for sweating in temperatures vary greatly environment, hands, face and defining swimming environment. Because waterproof apron will be affected by temperature, thermal expansion and contraction voids and accelerated aging causing water condensate, serious mechanical damage will occur within the water and tables.
7, to make the watches to keep clean: After prolonged use, dirt and sweat will be attached to the table to bring the case, as long is not cleared, even stainless steel case strap also susceptible to corrosion.
8, leather watch band should avoid contact with water in order to avoid strap harden, smelly, leading to the results of fracture.
9, quartz watch lC board walk properly for a long time, there will be contact points accumulated dirt or moisture, causing timing not allowed to go or stop the phenomenon, it needs regular maintenance. Long-term do not wear the best to remove the battery to avoid battery fluid outflow damage and corrosion movement.
10, in order to watch long-term use, reduce failures, we recommend regular inspection and maintenance to the service center to make the watches are often running at its best.
One day, before too should dial clockwise to adjust the calendar 1. The adjustment to the current date and 12 hours a week, until the date after the date correction now turn to the right time, to avoid turning the calendar at 12:00.
2. In between 21:00 to 3:00, do not tune out daily, weekly calendar and pull down the clock to avoid damage to the movement. Because this time the heavy load gear calendar watch, if you turned the week in this time / calendar calendar discs gear will cause deformation of the calendar can not be rotated. Quartz watch adjust the time, when the reorientation to set the minute hand along time now faster than 5 to 10 minutes, and then transferred back to the correct time now counterclockwise. Spiral lock crown watch, before making the above adjustment, first unscrew the crown must be pressed back into place after adjustment tightened in order to maintain the waterproof feature.
3. Automatic mechanical watch is the use of wrist movement self-winding watch. When you take automatic mechanical watch, the continued activity of the wrist can watch chain. If lack of exercise the wrist, the watch will not maintain a normal winding and run, resulting in travel time are not allowed. Mechanical watch is driven by mechanical gears and clockwork and running, turn inevitably create friction, so the course of time necessary for fuel, lubrication, to reduce the wear rate of parts, mechanical watches to --2--3 years cleaning refueling and maintenance. Was shelved watch again when worn with a full string after (30-40 full circle) on hand to wear, it can maintain normal operation.
4. quartz watches are equipped with the original battery, such as hours, minutes and seconds to a complete standstill, please immediately authorized service center to check. When you watch battery consumes nearly finished, the second hand will beat every four seconds before time. If this happens, you should immediately replace the battery, overdue possible damage to the parts. If you find the time to go slow, there may be caused due to lack of electricity, it can charge to an authorized service center for testing.

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