Watch the number of drill
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    Number of drilling table, the majority of the number engraved on the dial the number and frequency of the drill table, drilling is a measure of how much the number of table machine mark of quality, the number of diamond grains watch is fitted with precious stones.
    Ordinary watch claims 17 to 19 diamond drill, automatic table of claims 25 to 30 diamond drill, drill number is not as high as possible, the non-working parts of the table drilling performance and quality of the table have little effect, just play a decorative role.
    17 drilled in the general table, 17 are functional gem diamond, reasonable distribution: vibration system 5, escapement mechanism 6, the drive wheel system 6, watch the frequency is higher the better. Frequency is the number of times per hour swing the balance wheel frequency of    18,000 times less for the low-frequency table (slow swing table) 21600 or more for a high-frequency tables (fast swing table). Watch higher the frequency, the more accurate travel time.
    Drilling, which is ruby ​​(synthetic gemstones), generally used in wear of bearings and escapement fork at.
    Distribution diamond watch movement:
    Two, three, second round, the escapement wheel; 2 X 4 = 8 drill
    Balance wheel up and down the shock absorber for each two drill; 2 X 2 = 4 drill
    Escapement fork, fork watts each with two drill; 2 X 2 = 4 drill
    Disk top of a drill; 1 drill
    This is the basis of 17 drill standard movement.
    In the above-mentioned standard configurations,
    If you give the barrel is 19 rounds plus two diamond drill;
    Automatic system plus four or six drill is drilling 21, 23 drill;
    Automatic calendar system plus 2 drill, the drill is 25.
    These are functional drill, its role is nothing more than wear and reduce the friction coefficient, the role of both the oil reservoir. Some tablePlus a lot of decorative non-functional drill, improves the performance table meaningless.
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