Automatic mechanical watch how winding and Precautions
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Automatic mechanical movement is coupled with an automatic member in general hand dial on the list on the basis of: automatic Tuo and automatic rotation. By automatic Tuo can rotate in any direction on a wound.
Get the table, you first need to fully wound (clockwise rotation crown 25 laps), then as long as enough time to wear every day, will be able to automatically Tuo winding stream to replenish their energy, so that automatic meter normal travel time.
Usually automatic watches should be worn every day in the hands of more than eight hours to make up for additional energy, but not absolute. Holidays also recommends wearing a watch, worn on the hand only continue to add energy winding watch will not stop and go. Now ubiquitous people working in the office, often stop and go watch the phenomenon, in addition to the movement reasons, because of lack of exercise itself wearer can not add enough energy to the spring, such as belonging to such reasons, may be set aside on hand Clockwork ways to compensate.
Advocate automatic watch dial minimize the use of hand-winding, because the hand-winding dial, to rotate together with the need to handle many automatic wheel drive, automatic parts very easy to wear, adding unnecessary maintenance costs.
Mechanical watch allowable error range of ± 30 sec / day, the average error range after movement certified chronometer seconds between -4 to +6 seconds / day, according to the specific error to use the watch movement may be, is not in accordance with The higher the price the smaller the error of principle. Swing power source automatic mechanical watch wearer's wrist generate the energy to the mainspring winding, a completely automatic mechanical watch on the bar's sustainable operation of 36 hours or so: as guaranteed under the circumstances the normal daily wear, can operate for about 15 hours, such as more than a time not to wear or swing low (less movement of the wearer) will cause the watch of stop and go, wearing preceded again to watch the full winding.
Also, do not 22:00 -2 points to adjust the date between (some watches 20:00 -4 points), because, as doing so is likely to cause damage to the watch and calendar jump incorrect.

Winding: A crown at the position, rotate the crown clockwise magnetic magnetic sound, the feeling is there is resistance on the winding, usually around 30 laps of rotation is deemed the full. He suggested that in the spring after the completion time to adjust. Here we must note that, unlike manual automatic mechanical watches mechanical watches, even though the full string will not have tight feeling, because there are skid device, chord release will be more on the movement in order to achieve the purpose of protection .
1. Normal wear and avoid vibration. Proper amount of movement to enable it to continue on the bar, the normal operation (when the wearer is small amount of activity may go Pianman, this is normal. Turn the handle first use the first 20-30 laps, so that the initial wound spring ), watches, although shock, but in the outside world is easy to make a strong impact pendulum pivot or journal broken wheel system will also enable speed needle go when the impact shock.
2. To prevent magnetization. Watch Although the use of non-magnetic material easily magnetized, but go by the magnetic field impact, such as televisions, radios next speaker, on Cikou backpack or purse.
3. waterproof watch. Try not to go swimming with the watch, clothes, a rain soaked or wet but after, not at this time to pull out the table to adjust the watch, but to immediately dry. Since the comparison table head protruding, to try to avoid it by knocking, there, pay attention to the table head and the case of the gap is too small will affect the operation, but too much effect on water resistance, but not beautiful.
4. Watch cleaning. Generally speaking wash sludge 3 to 5 years, several of the following factors:
. a sealing problem watches;
b. wear level (degree of wear) watches.
c. Quartz watches wash oil change interval can be extended.
d. male table or watch can compare thin or long wash cycle oil female form.
5. Long-term placement without the watch. There are not placed in mothballs mothballs the suitcase, will table oil deterioration, inaccurate meter machine go. Clockwork monthly intervals or worn, to ensure activities within flexible.
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